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The QGo Places Travel Guide presents a fresh approach to planning trips or local outings. While the Internet provides a wealth of free and accessible information, there are times when a hard copy book is simply hard to beat. It is so much quicker and easier to flip through a book to find what you want to do rather than having to browsing through slow and unfamiliar sites for information. Plus, there are no roaming fees, no battery life to conserve, and no worries about losing a connection. However, this is the information age, and a book is static while the world is dynamic. QGo Places combines the best of both worlds by connecting a paper book to the Internet making it the first Interactive Travel Guide.
Qgo Places Travel Guides Make it Easy to Find Fun Things to Do

 The Qgo Places Travel Guide includes almost every attraction from the major tourist destinations to the lesser-known, non-profit places. Yet it is small and compact so you can slip it in your bag, back pack, or keep one in your car. It is formatted for quick and easy reading without ads or clutter. The cities and towns in the area are organized in alphabetical order and make up the chapters of the book. Each chapter is preceded by a map and a list of attractions in that section. Each attraction has a picture, a short description, and a colored-coded header containing the name of the attraction, hours of operation, address, phone number, QR code link, and a short URL.

Qgo Places Travel Guides QR-Code-Links Books to the Internet

To use the book, simply flip through the pages, and when something catches your eye, scan QR code with your phone or type in the short URL. The guidebook acts as a gateway to the Internet where a quick touch will call the attraction, get directions, link to websites, and show reviews. This is where the reliability of the physical meets the adaptability of the virtual.

Qgo Places Travel Guides Makes Finding Fun Things to Do Quick and Easy

Discounts for Qgo Places Members

Qgo Places Travel Guides Saves you Money

Your book purchase includes a Qgo Places Membership which gives you access to downloadable, digital coupons and discounts to area attractions, restaurants, and other travel-related businesses for a year.

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Last modified: October 27th, 2017