Qgo Places Travel Guide Books

Linked to the Internet with QR Codes,
Qgo Places is the Quick, Interactive Travel Guide

It’s quick and easy to find fun things to do in Greater Orlando!

You just can’t beat flipping through the pages of a travel guide book when looking for places to go and things to do. With a paper book, all the information you need is at your fingertips.

Qgo Places Travel Guides are compact, uncluttered, and linked to the internet with QR Codes. They combine the convenience of a paper book with endless amounts of information online.

Finding places to go and things to do in Greater Orlando has never been this quick and easy!

The Internet is a powerful tool, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the information you need. And there is always a chance of missing something because it doesn’t show up in the search. 

Qgo Places takes the frustration out of looking for things to do online. Print edition travel guides are more popular than ever because it’s so much easier to see everything there is to do while flipping through the pages of a book.

Qgo Places Travel Guide Books

The Quick, Interactive Travel Guide

Printed travel guide books are indispensable, but so is the Internet. Qgo Places combines the best of both worlds by linking each attraction in the book to the Internet with QR Codes. It’s the first and only interactive travel guide.

Scanning a QR Code takes you directly to the attraction’s website, giving you quick and easy access to the vast amounts of information found online.

Qgo Places also includes codes linked to important information such as Florida weather, urgent care clinics, traffic, and transportation to keep you in-the-know. And if you aren’t using a QR Code scanner, you can enter the short URL instead.

The Technology of QR Codes Keeps Qgo Places Guide Books Compact

Thanks to the technology of QR Codes and smartphones, Qgo Places Travel Guides can pack a lot of information into a compact space, making it the most comprehensive travel guide available.

It’s compact size makes it easy to carry around. Throw it in a bag or backpack, or keep a copy in your car. 

More Attractions than any Other Travel Guide to Greater Orlando

Qgo Places has more than 270 QR Codes linking to Greater Orlando attractions, shopping areas, and other information so you never have to miss out on anything fun.

Qgo Places does not charge the attractions to be listed, so we can include those who do not or cannot advertise.

Uncluttered Format

Unlike most travel guides, Qgo Places’s uncluttered format makes it quick and easy to find places to go in the Greater Orlando area.

With a quick glance, you get the all necessary information you need: phone number, address, a brief description of the attraction, and other important information. When you see something that interests you, scan the code or enter the short URL to go to the attraction’s website for more information.

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Last modified: May 7th, 2021