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It’s so much easier to find places to go and thing to do when you have a printed tour guide in your hands–especially when that tour guide is arranged in an easy-to-read format with no clutter. The idea behind Qgo Places is to give you a quick glimpse of all the attractions in Central Florida, neatly arranged according to their locations. Flip through the book, then when you find something interesting, scan the Code to visit the website and access more information.
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 The Qgo Places Travel Guide includes almost every attraction from the major tourist destinations to the lesser-known, non-profit places. Yet it is small and compact so you can slip it in your bag, back pack, or keep one in your car. The cities and towns in the area are organized in quadrants in alphabetical order which make up the chapters of the book. Each attraction has a picture, a short description, and a colored-coded header containing the name of the attraction, hours of operation, address, phone number, QR code link, and a short URL.


To use the book, simply flip through the pages, and when something catches your eye, scan QR code with your phone or type in the short URL. The guidebook acts as a gateway to the Internet where a quick touch will call the attraction, get directions, link to websites, and reviews. A book doesn’t need batteries or cellular or wifi service–this is where the reliability of the physical meets the adaptability of the virtual.

Qgo Places is your gateway to the internet

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Last modified: September 25th, 2018