Exotic Animal Experience

Exotic Animal Experience

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The Exotic Animal Experience is a hands-on, interactive animal experience. The animals are lovingly cared for and are considered part of a family, not a zoo. Guests will have the opportunity to hold, feed, and interact with many different exotic animals including sloths, lemurs, kangaroos, an owl monkey, a zebra, a micro mini pig, and more. There are also exotic, lesser-known animals such as a kinkajou and a galago. The animals were raised in the house and are very comfortable around each other and with humans. Reservations must be made in advance. You can keep the experience small or arrange a group of 10 or more to lower the price.

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Private event, 2 person minimum $225, group of 10 or more $95 per person, sloth encounter $195

Last modified: August 6th, 2018