Flyboard Rentals of Orlando

Flyboard Rentals of Orlando

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Dinky Dock is an ideal location to give flyboarding a try. Imagine strapping water jets to your feet, zooming out of the water, and flying 30 feet in the air above the surface of the water. This superhero-like ability is why flyboarding is the latest adrenaline-pumping water sport to attract a lot of attention at lakes and beaches. A flyboard is basically a device that has bindings to strap your feet in (similar to wakeboard bindings), a water jet nozzle beneath each foot, and a large hose connection in the middle of the board. A long, flexible hose connects the board to a jet ski that forces water to the jets on the board, lifting you high in the air. With a quick lesson and some practice maneuvering the board with your feet, it won’t be long before you experience the thrilling feeling of flying on your own. Flyboard Rentals of Orlando offers 30 minute rides for ages 13 and up. Call 407-484-5125 for reservations or to schedule rides at a different location.

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Last modified: August 6th, 2018