The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience

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The Holy Land Experience, under the management of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), has gone through some changes since it first opened. The park is scattered with 2D cut-outs of people (including several of Jan Crouch), plastic plants and animals, and an abundance of sequins and glitter. If you can look past this, you may enjoy some of the history and the shows the park still has to offer. The Scriptorium houses antique Bibles and ancient artifacts, giving a history of how we got the Bible, the Wilderness Tabernacle is a journey through Israel’s ancient priesthood, and the Jerusalem Model A.D. 66 is the world’s largest indoor model of ancient Jerusalem and is accompanied by a 30-minute presentation. The park offers several live dramas, the most popular being the Passion of Christ. Limited seating leaves some guest standing in the sun to watch the shows. Keep in mind that during the summer, temperatures get very high and there is not much shade for queue and viewing areas. The park may be boring for younger kids since it is based mostly on tours and dramas. Although the attraction presents some biblical history, the televangelism style of TBN may not appeal to some guests.

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Last modified: August 3rd, 2018