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Sea World is a place where ocean education is presented in an interesting and fun way through shows, rides, and exhibits. The park offers a unique opportunity to get up close and face-to-face with some of the the ocean’s most amazing animals where you can watch them play and perform, learn about habitats, and reach out and touch sea creatures.You can go on an adventure to the “Arctic” to observe beluga whales and polar bears, watch the penguins at the Penguin Encounter, be surrounded by sharks, and laugh at the silly antics of Clyde and Seymore the sea lions. Turtle Trek is a 3D, 360° journey where guests can observe and learn about sea turtles. Little kids love the rides designed just for them at Shamu’s Happy Harbor. Thrill-seekers and roller coaster enthusiasts love Kraken, Manta, and Mako consistently ranking them among the world’s top roller coasters. Kraken, an intense roller coaster with dives, corkscrews, and loops, uses virtual reality goggles to take riders on a fantastic, adrenaline-pumping journey through the sea.

Some things to be aware of when visiting Sea World: Arrive at the shows early if you want to sit in the splash zone or to get a good seat (out of the sun). Some of the shows offer pre-show entertainment to keep the crowd occupied. Loose items are not allowed on most of the rides. Lockers are available, but they charge you every time you open them. You can also rent a locker for all-day use.

Free admission is offered to any active duty US military personnel, activated or drilling reservists, or National Guardsmen through Sea World’s “Waves of Honor” program (
To beat the crowds, consider participating in one of Sea World’s exclusive tours and experiences. Get one-on-one with belugas, dolphins, sea lions or penguins. You can even experience what it is like to be a marine mammal keeper.

Coolers and picnic food are not allowed in the park, but you may bring snack items and drinks. The full-service restaurant Sharks is unique because guests dine “underwater” surrounded by sharks. The food at the Sea World restaurants is expensive and the quality is better at some places than others. Long lines form at the quick-service restaurants and are painfully slow (at least at Mango Joe’s). The best value seems to be the Terrace Garden Buffet, which offers all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, salad, etc.

Sea World offers an All Day Dining Deal. It can be used at many (but not all) of the park restaurants.

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Last modified: August 3rd, 2018