Seminole-Lake Gliderport

Seminole-Lake Gliderport

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Gliders are beautiful and elegant aircraft and are a marvel of engineering. Unlike airplanes, gliders have no engine. To get into the air, they are connected to a powered airplane by a cable and towed to the desired altitude. The cable is released and the glider is left to soar on its own. With no engine noise to disrupt the natural sound of being in the air, flying in a glider is a serene and peaceful, yet exhilarating experience. Seminole-Lake Gliderport offers a few different ride packages: short or long rides, mile-high rides, and even aerobatic rides. They also offer inexpensive accommodations with wifi and a swimming pool. They are also home to the Seniors Soaring Championship every March which is a fun event for spectators as well as pilots.

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Main 352-394-5450


Winter: Tues-Sun 9am-5pm; Summer: Wed-Sun 8am-4pm; Closed Mondays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas


$120.00 for 15-25 minutes, $160.00 for 20-40 minutes, $250 for 60-75 minutes


4024 Soaring Lane, Clermont, FL 34714

Last modified: August 15th, 2018