Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus

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The Showcase of Citrus is a family-owned orange grove and cattle ranch and is home to the world’s largest 4×4 Monster Truck Safari. The safari treks across the 2,500-acre estate through citrus groves, forests, cattle pastures, wooded swamps, and other natural Florida habitats. The safari also features a few exotic animals including a zebra named Barcode, watusi, Asian water buffalo, and American longhorn cattle. The farm is a busy place especially on the weekends from November to May. Reservations for the Safari are highly recommended and tickets can be purchased at the store. Admission to the grove is free, and visitors are welcome to explore, picnic, play on the playground, and visit or feed the farm animals. They also have a gem mine where you can buy bags of ore that contain a variety of gems, fossils, shark’s teeth, shells and arrowheads. Sift through them the in the sluice boxes and take home what you find. For guests who want the freshest fruit available, U-Pick Citrus is open from May to November. They have over 50 varieties of citrus to choose from. The Old Tyme Country Store sells specialty orange drinks and treats, local produce and honey, gator meat by the pound, and souvenirs.

More About the Showcase of Citrus

The Showcase of Citrus
Long before Disney, the Citrus Industry is what drove the Florida economy and basically put Orlando on the map. So a trip to the Sunshine State simply wouldn’t be complete without a tour through a working orange grove to learn about this important industry. The Showcase of Citrus is the perfect spot to (literally!) get a taste of the world of Florida citrus.
The Showcase of Citrus Farm Stand
The Showcase of Citrus Farm Stand offers a variety of freshly picked citrus, homemade jams and jellies, honey, award winning BBQ sauces and salsas, homemade soaps and bath products, and fresh local produce and eggs.
Alligator Souvenirs
It’s also the place to go for all of your alligator souvenir needs.
Showcase of Citrus Slushy Machine
The slushy machine cranks out orange slushies made from fresh Florida orange juice. Try their famous orange creamsicle — vanilla ice cream swirled with orange slushy.
Wine Coolers at the Showcase of Citrus
There is nothing quite like sipping on an icy wine cooler or enjoying one of their famous orange creamsicles on a hot, sun-shiny day. You can choose from wide variety of frozen wine cooler flavors that can be sampled before you by. Your drinks are also allowed on the tour.
Alligator Chili at Showcase of Citrus
If you’re hungry, try the true Florida novelty of alligator chili. Sounds weird, we know, but it’s actually very tasty. You can also buy raw alligator meat by the pound so you can make your own culinary creations.
Cow Candy at Showcase of Citrus
If you’re embarking on the Monster Truck tour, you’ll have an opportunity to feed the cows if they’re around. Your driver will give you one orange to toss to them, but if you anticipate this being lots of fun for you or your kids and want to feed them some more, then you should get your own bucket of Cow Candy before heading out.
Citrus Trees at Showcase of Citrus
The grove has over 50 varieties of citrus trees including oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, pomelo, lemons, and limes. There is always something ripe, so grab a bag and start picking. Walking around the grove is free but you pay for what you pick.
Playground at Showcase of Citrus
The playground keeps kids occupied while parents sip their wine coolers in the shade or while waiting for the tour to begin.


The Monster Truck Tour

Showcase of Citrus Monster Truck Safari
The best part at the Showcase of Citrus is the Monster Truck tour. The trucks are converted school buses.
Grove Tour at the Showcase of Citrus
The tour starts in the grove where you will learn all kinds of interesting thing about citrus in general. And if you have questions about oranges or the wildlife in the area, your driver will most likely know the answer.
Showcase of Citrus cow pasture
The tour takes guests out to the scenic cow pastures where you will have an opportunity to toss oranges to the cows that gather around the truck.
Cows love oranges at the Showcase of Citrus
Did you know that cows love to eat oranges? You can purchase a souvenir bucket of oranges from the farm stand before getting on the tour.

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Main 352-394-4377


Open every day 8am-7pm.


Free to walk around, pay to pick, pay to ride safari



5010 US Highway 27, Clermont, FL 32714

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