The Presidents Hall of Fame

The Presidents Hall of Fame

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The Presidents Hall of Fame holds treasures that few people know exist in Orlando. It is home to a 60-foot long, 1/12 scale model and exact representation of the White House. It gives us an opportunity to look into the rooms that only a few people are ever allowed to see. The artist, John Zweifel, periodically visits the real White House in Washington, D.C. to make sure the model stays up-to-date. With painstaking detail, every piece of furniture, each tiny table setting, the wallpaper patterns, chandeliers, tiny computers, and working flat-screen TV’s are in their proper places. The White House replica has traveled the world and has been seen by many U.S. Presidents as well as many famous people from around the world. Ronald Reagan said it was a “National Treasure.” The rest of the museum is packed full of presidential memorabilia, life-sized models of some of the US Presidents, and replicas of First Lady dresses. The museum is popular with school groups, so call ahead to check the busy times, or go on the weekend or in the summer if you want to avoid crowds of kids.

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Last modified: August 3rd, 2018