Titanic Gala Dinner

Titanic Gala Dinner

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The Titanic Gala Dinner takes you back in time to celebrate the retirement of E.J. Smith, the ship’s captain. Your boarding pass includes the name of one of the actual passengers on Titanic and a historical account of his or her life. Guests are served dinner based on menus from the Titanic while actors dressed in Edwardian costume interact with stories about their lives. During dinner, it becomes clear through dialogue between the captain, officers, and passengers that something isn’t quite right with the ship, and the drama begins. After dessert, guests are made aware that the ship is sinking and are asked to make their way to the chilly Promenade Deck. What unfolds is a touching and dramatic performance of the ship’s final moments. After the show, you will have an opportunity to see some of the artifacts in the museum as well as the full scale recreations of the Grand Staircase, a First Class Parlor Suite, the boilers, and the Verandah Café. The show is not recommended for children under 6. Some of the rooms will be cold because they recreate the experience of being on the North Atlantic. This attraction is located on the northern side of I-Drive where the traffic is heavy and very slow, so allow a lot of extra travel time.

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Last modified: August 3rd, 2018