Volcano Bay Water Park

Volcano Bay Water Park

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Volcano Bay Water Park at Universal Studios is designed to look and feel like a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. The central feature is the 200 ft Krakatau Volcano. A waterfall cascades down the height of it during the day and blazing, red lava illuminates it at night. The designers have traveled to water parks all around the world to gather the best ideas and concepts to create Volcano Bay. The park has plenty of thrill rides such as the Ko’okiri Body Plunge. This adrenaline-pumping ride has a trap door that opens beneath you to a 125 ft plummet through the center of the volcano. Or try the Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides which are fast, twisting slides that launch you four to six ft above the water at the end. There are also areas for relaxation such as Waturi Beach and the Kopiko Wai Winding River. Fun places for kids include the Runamukka Reef—a three-story water playground, and Tot Tiki Reef—a whimsical toddler play area. For the non-adrenaline junkie, slow and easy rides include the multi-passenger Ika Moana that twists and glides across bubbling geysers. One of the main concerns for the design of the park was to focus on fun by eliminating long lines and the need to carry around tubes.

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Last modified: August 6th, 2018