The Qgo Places Travel Guide to Greater Orlando

Qgo Places Travel Guides are the first and only interactive travel guides. Flip through the book, discover new places, and scan the code to the attraction’s website for more information.

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Thank you for checking out the Qgo Places Travel Guide. Central Florida is an exciting place, with many different attractions, a wide variety of entertainment, and shopping. We are in the business of having fun, so we make it a priority to keep you in-the-know about what is happening in Greater Orlando.

Why Our Travel Guides Are the Best


Thanks to the technology of QR Codes and smartphones, we pack a lot of information into a relatively small book. And, unlike a lot of travel guides on the market, Qgo Places Travel Guides are uncluttered and easy to read. This edition has over 270 QR Codes linked to Greater Orlando attractions and includes important info at a glance. And there are more codes throughout the book that are linked to info including Traffic and Transportation, Urgent Care Clinics, Central Florida Weather, and more. If you aren’t using a QR Code scanner, you can enter the short URL instead.


The Internet is also an indispensable tool, but it can be frustrating and time-consuming to find the information you need, and there is always a chance of missing something because it doesn’t show up in your search. And it is especially disappointing when you find an attraction that looks like fun, only to find out it has been closed for months. Qgo Places takes the frustration out of looking for things to do because we keep things up-to-date. 


Print edition travel guides are more popular than ever because it’s so much easier to see everything there is to do while flipping through pages of a guidebook. You can take notes in a book, dog-ear your favorite places, and because Qgo Places is compact, you can throw it in your bag or car. And you never have to worry about a battery or cell service.


The attractions in Qgo Places are not selected or curated like they are in other travel guides. Many travel guides dismiss small attractions because, either the authors do not think it is interesting enough, or there simply isn’t room to write about everything without having an enormous book to lug around. Qgo Places Travel Guides are compact yet include almost every attraction in the Greater Orlando area thanks to QR Codes. So, YOU get to make the decision on what’s fun.

Last modified: May 7th, 2021